The ballot for the study „CRM in Practice. User Satisfaction, Benefits & Prospects 2015“ is closed and now we have to wait for the results. A good time to recap what users had to say about their CRM software in 2014:

The three most frequently named problems for the usage of CRM software:

Performance – the system is too slow: 32%
Ergonomics – the system is not user-friendly: 22.6%
Data Maintenance is very time-consuming or complex: 17.4%


The study CRM in Practice 2014 revealed many details about the satisfaction of users with their CRM software. 118 participants from different industries answered questions concerning, among others, their motifs for using CRM, their selection criteria and the challenges they are faced with in the daily use of their implemented CRM software. Most users acknowledged that the CRM software they use in their business has a number of potential benefits, like the efficient supply of information or more transparency and understanding for the processes. Performance and user-friendliness, however, were rated as capable of improvement.