Our Services


Relating to the slogan ‘alligning processes and software’, the Trovarit consultants see their core competence in the structured analysis and presentation of business processes as well as in offering the optimal support through business software.

Our team distinguishes itself through many years of project experience and detailed market insight. The main strength of our employees is a consistent and stringent project management.

Supported by efficient and tested tools, work packages are clearly defined, and project controlling is arranged effectively.

Here, our consultancy is standardised and organised with the help of modules. This way, you are able to arrange your very own ‘support package’ by choosing from various services and workshops.


Known under the name of ‘IT-Matchmaker®’, Trovarit offers a wide spectrum of tools and services for choosing and introducing business software. The services are organised with the help of modules in order to tailor it to the clients’ individual needs. ‘From help to self-help’ to a comprehensive mentoring, from a fast market overview to the detailed formulation of software contracts.

The IT-Matchmaking principle is based on checklists through which users are able to formulate their individual requirements. On the other hand, software providers use that platform to note their core competences, functionality and technology standards. When using the market research on the IT-Matchmaker®, the requirement profile is being compared to the profile of the software providers. Consequently, the solution that covers the individual requirements the best can be identified quickly.

Next to the special feature of the IT-Matchmaker® that data solely relating to functional aspects can be researched and accessed, it is further possible to collect and analyse information about software providers and their references.

This unique data base, which is constantly being updated and expanded, forms the foundation for studies, surveys and market overviews that are conducted and published by Trovarit and its partners.