Easy and reliable implementation of business software

Implementing a business software like ERP, CRM, ECM or MES is a strenuous effort for companies. In this matter, it is all about raplacing a company’s main infrastructure without hurting the day-to-day business in terms of fees. If the requirements for a successful software implementation have been accomplished during the selection process, it is now time to realise those with the help of the provider. At the end of the project, a solid system needs to run that can be integrated into the normal business processes.

The question about ‘the most important task’ during the implementation project is hard to answer. However, implementing and planning the project has great impact on the whole process. In this regard, the company needs to take the reins and confront themselve with the project management tasks. Since companies ususally do not have the required ressources and competences, it is advisable to call in a neutral / external expert.

Composing a project

  • Defining the project team and composing the project
  • Developing the detailed concept with the software provider
  • Making sure that all processes are being supported


Managing the project

  • Preparing the transfer of the old data
  • Controlling and observing budget and time
  • Trigger change requests and adapting the plan (eventually)
  • Checking whether the system fulfills all tasks


Completing successfully

  • Put the system into operation and eventually conducting the roll out
  • Instruct the users about the new system
  • Starting a continuing optimisation process