IT-Infrastructure Audit

Keep your IT-system up-to-date


Long waiting periods, incomplete reports and abnormal system ends: If the performance of an IT-system does not meet the requirements of a company, its profits are at risk. There can be many and diverse reasons for such performance deficits and disturbances – from dusty plug connections to non-sufficient network dimensioning.

However, in many companies error diagnostics are quite difficult: IT-infrastructures need to grow reactively with the company itself, which frequently leads to incomplete system documentations. Additionally, transfer of knowledge is missing if employees within the IT-department are rotating or are in charge of external IT-infrastructures.

So where to start? How does the IT-infrastructure get ready for its tasks?


Increasing the processing speed of the entire system


Standardisation and reduction of IT-systems


Structuring IT-service-processes user-friendly


Increasing security within the internal network