Trovarit - Tools

The well-established tools of the IT-Matchmaker-Suite were developed in collaboration with academics and practitioners for the efficient and reliable support of business software projects.

IT-Matchmaker® select – Software-Selection
Efficient selection of the appropriate software and provider: IT-Matchmaker® select offers reliability from the market research to the conclusion of contract.

IT-Matchmaker® project – Implementation
Goal-oriented implementation with IT-Matchmaker® project: With the help of IT-Matchmaker® project you are able to structure and monitor the implementation progress, view open items and keep track of the project. 

IT-Matchmaker® roadmap – Process optimisation
Structured analysis and strategic planning of the software operation with IT-Matchmaker® roadmap: Optimise the interaction between business processes and business software by sustainable investments.

IT-Matchmaker® audit – Process- and capability analysis
Efficient analysis of the process and its quality as well as the support of the software solution used. With IT-Matchmaker® audit you will find weak points and deduce optimisation procedures.