The ERP – Area program at CeBIT 2014 relies on facts and expertise when it comes to the future use of ERP software in the company . Trovarit, the producers of the ERP-Area Blog have again been commissioned to organise the ERP Forum and Guided Tours at CeBIT (March 10 to 14 , Hannover). Together with our partners VDMA and FIR at RWTH Aachen University, we have chosen the motto „ERP 2020: ERP of the future – the future of ERP“ for the event, thus placing the question of how ERP use and ERP software will develop over the next few years in the focus. And we don’t even need a chrystal ball nor a clairvoyant because recent studies reveal already today the trends that will shape the use of ERP software in the companies, the most significant being mobility, usability and connectivity. In the lectures, and discussions on the ERP Forum ( / erp area.html) and the Guided Tours analysts, ERP users and vendors show, where we are heading and how, even today, the right course can be set with the help of innovative solutions. „Mobile Solutions – Business on all channels “ is the overall headline for the ERP Forum on Tuesday. Mobility is one of the main drivers of new developments in the business software industry: Private life, work and business alike are influenced by the growing variety communication means (hardware and software). Mobile solutions are ubiquitous, continuously available, they allow the fast and efficient exchange of information and can greatly facilitate the internal and external communication. The lectures on that day discuss the opportunities and the challenges that arise from these developments, particularly in the area of ​​business software. The ERP Comparisons also focus on pioneering technologies and functions. Two ERP vendors present live on stage how their ERP solutions fulfill a given task. Five „scenes“ show how the software supports the ordering, production and shipping of the „Gütebox“ (Quality Box). Of course, some special challenges have been included into the concept which need to be overcome. The ERP Live Comparison is designed by GPS from Ulm. Up to four ERP vendors get the chance to show how powerful their software is even today during the Guided Tours „ERP 2020“. Organized and carried out in cooperation with the VDMA, the vendors are asked to present their solutions on the basis of a practical example. Visitors not only get to see in how far functional requirements are covered but also how the user interfaces are designed in terms of ergonomics and user-friendliness.