Search Profile

You register free of charge at and create your individual requirements profile.

With the help of the IT-Matchmaker checklists it takes only a few clicks to describe your individual project, e.g. regarding:

  • Which type of solution are you looking for?
  • Up to which degree do you want your business processes to be supported?
  • Which technological criteria are important?
  • Which services should you future system supplier have on offer?
Finding Software

IT-Matchmaker creates a ranking of all software solutions according to your search profile.

The software products' profiles have the same structure as your search profile so that the comparison is one to one.

At the same time, approx. 16,000 reference profiles are analysed and taken as an additional clue as to the experience and the know-how of the vendor.

Request Your Report

You determine your 20 favourite solutions by analysing the ranking and the extensive background information and then order your free personal Top20 Report.

It brings all the information as well as the results of your analyses together in one document and presents them in a clear form.