Business Contract Checking

Of course, you cannot buy business software like pastries in a bakery store. Thus, a detailed agreement is necessary to increase reliability and security. When it comes to the provided products and services of the software-provider, you need to pay attention as a lot of contracts are non-transparent and without obligations. Hence, an agreement serves as a basis for a successful implementation project next to a structured software selection and an implementation partnership.

‘Do you want more security?’

The contracts between software-users and software-providers reflect the individual- and initial situation (e.g. company size, complexity of the installation and operational area). Thus, no contract looks like the other even though there are several regulations that should be a part of each contract.


With the help of a ‘contract check’ we offer a professional check of the commercial conditions that your contract covers in regard to the regulations. Our experts check the contract with the help of 80 criteria and conduct a short report. This includes a general statement as well as a list of contract positions that need to be discussed with the software-provider.


Object of Agreement

Are the conditions of the contract clearly regulated?

Project management

Are responsible persons and tools defined for the project management?


Are rules and regulations defined for the final approval?