The planning  and control of the intra-company and extra-company logistics for the plastics industry pose a great challenge for ERP systems. Characteristics of  ERP Usage in the Plastics Industry Production procedures like die casting or extrusion are widely used in the industry. Among others, the distinctive characteristics are:

  • a pronouced process character with batch production,
  • coupled production,
  • a very distinctive tool management (basic tools, moulds) considering availabilities and idle times as well as
  • an intensive use of machine data acquisition (MDA) for in-process quality management (e.g.

ERP users are facing a great number of trends at the moment: The experts tell us that „Cloud ERP“ is ultimately unavoidable because it guarantees a flexible and cheap ERP usage; „Big Data“ is the means of mastering the continuously growing flow of data, „Business Intelligence“ transforms these data into useful information. „Business Apps“ and Smart Phones or Tablets render ERP usage mobile and makes it possible to access one’s ERP software from everywhere at anytime. „Social Networks“ (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)…